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Truly excited to announce the first ever board and advisory council for On Sept 28 2018 was two years since we launched As you may be aware has over the past two years working on to disrupt the tech sector in Sweden. is bringing the tech events and tech academy to the so called segregated parts of Sweden. Bringing world class startup founders, innovators, investors and partners to inspire and engage with the local communities. Focusing on finding talent in the suburbs that want to venture into entrepreneurship and tech. Also breaking barriers that will lead to inclusion and diversity in the startup scene in Sweden. solving major problems
  • 100,000 by 2030 - the number of developers and engineers estimated to be missing in Sweden according to SCB (Statistiska centralbyrån).
  • Bureaucracy issues such as skilled developers being deported, lack of affordable housing, long processing periods at Swedish Migration Board etc.etc
  • Preconceptions about tech industry consisting of 95% white males between ages 30-45. This severely limits diversity as many who doesn’t fit the image believe they won’t get a chance.
  • According to the National Audit Office, only 53 percent of refugees who arrived in 2003 had found jobs by 2013. Of those who arrived two years ago, only about 30 percent are now employed. Sweden’s unemployment rate is currently 7 percent.
  • Foreign-born residents will make up 60 per cent of Sweden’s unemployed by 2017, the country’s employment agency. One of the biggest social problems in Sweden today is an uneven labor market, which excludes the potential of a great part of the population.
  • Many with a non-Swedish background in the suburbs of Sweden are struggling to be part of the labor market and thereby contribute with their knowledge and strengths. We believe if they are given the right tools and access to a supportive network, problems in the suburbs can be solved. We are the solution!
Some Stats:

  • 650+ Attendees in our events in Tensta, Rosengård, Bergsjön, Husby
  • 34- World-class speakers, tech entrepreneurs, developers with a diverse background. 50/50 female and male entrepreneurs on stage.
  • 50+ Features in Radio, Online and Offline publications at the top newspapers and tech blogs in Sweden, US, UK, Colombia, Chile, Australia. The Economist, HuffPost, Business Insider are some examples of global exposure we received.
  • 3000+ Mentions, Social shares, Tweets about
  • We won the Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative in 2017 by Nordic Startup Awards.

In the past year, we have fully focused on our Academy, out of 200 applicants we accepted 10 talents (5 Women, 5 Men). Half of them graduated after 18 weeks of React development training, 3 have since then got a job and two of them will be part of the Board.

Welcoming to our Board:

  1. Miski Mohamed: Project Manager at WTMG, graduate of Academy 2017
  2. Faizal Mohamud: Frontend Developer at Seavus, graduate of Academy 2017
  3. Paulina Modlitba: MIT Media Lab Graduate. Held different roles at Stardoll, Toca Boca, Nokia. One of the top Digital Strategist in Sweden. Former speaker at Husby Event.
  4. Barakat Ghebrehawariat: DemokratiAgenten. Barakat is a lecturer, advisor and educator with long experience in working with diversity based from a communication perspective 
  5. Samira Zarringhalam: Country Manager Dogbuddy. Graduated in finance/business with a major in French and Informatics. Previous roles at VionLabs, eWork, Ants. Former speaker at Tensta Event
  6. Daniel Lundin: Manager Ortelius. Co-Founder of and held previous role as founder of Greenfield Wind
  7. Anna Ottosson: Product Growth Fastly. Founder of and held previous roles in MTG, Börsgruppen. Former speaker at Husby Event
  8. Zakaria Hersi: Director Truecaller Africa. Founded and held previous roles in Besedo, Kinnevik. 
Advisory Council
  1. Sophia Bendz: Executive in Residence at Atomico. Global Marketing Director at Spotify from 2007-2014. One of the most active business angel investor in Sweden, with investments in Tictail, Clue, DogBuddy, Shim, Joints Academy, Search Inc, Bokio, DigiExam,, Scout, Brighten, Prion, Simple Feast, and Sana Labs.
  2. Quincy D Jones III: CEO WeMash. Berkley Collage of Music, Electrical engineering på UCLA graduate. Swedish Idol Judge. One of the strongest advocates for bridging inequality in Sweden and also in the US.
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