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Meet Bridget- Academy Alumni 2017


Prior to academy, what did you do?
I had been on parental leave for about 1 year. And prior to that I had worked briefly in the
Stockholm startup scene.

How was your experience attending academy?
It was amazing! came at a time when I was going through some difficulties in my
personal life. I had a family that I could rely on, learn with and grow together. Coming to the
classes 3 times a week, gave me so much hope for a better life and better opportunities

Being a single mom how was it learning in the class and having your baby with you?
I was fearful in the beginning that I wouldn’t manage to go to class with my baby, or that
my baby would be a distraction to everyone else. Thankfully, all my colleagues were very
accepting of my baby, and that put me at ease.

There were a lot of challenging days because I had to go to classes 3 nights a week, do all
my assignments and find a way to concentrate and participate during the classes, while still
taking care of my baby (who was only 9 months old then). This experience alone changed
my life and showed me how much stronger I was.

I went to class with my son and managed to find little pockets of time to study, in the
evenings and early morning when my baby was asleep. I made use of every bit of ‘free’
time I had to focus on my course.

What are you doing now since graduating from academy?
Since graduating, I have been working for a financial start-up as the Community Manager
focused on growing the East African corridor/market. I also work a lot with social media
management and some aspects of marketing and communications. I still study and do some
programming in my free time to improve my skills.

What challenges did you have finding a job prior to joining academy?
I had experienced a lot of difficulty finding a job and only managed to find short-term
internship opportunities but never anything long-term.

Would you recommend other women of colour, mothers to apply?
Absolutely! I would encourage them to take that first step and apply for the course. If you
really want to change your life and create better opportunities for yourself, focus on building
your skills, going to the classes and studying. The universe has a way of clearing up the way
for your to achieve your dream if you just take that first step!

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