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Jumpstart Academy

Brought to you by x Changers Hub teams up with Changers Hub to launch a new coding course called "Jumpstart Academy"

Today,– the original immersive coding school for developers from underrepresented groups in Sweden– and Changers Hub – a leader in democratising success announcing a partnership that is a 4-month program starting in August 2019 in Stockholm. Last time arranged an Academy was in 2017, with 10 talents and 80% success rate in those who graduated that got jobs after such as Bridget read her story here. This year's Academy is called Jumpstart Academy and we hoping to double the amount of talents enrolled to 20 individuals.

What: A 4-month part-time program between Aug-Dec 2019 that accepts 20 young individuals in areas that are underrepresented in the technology & startup industry and aims to:

  1. Inspire them to pursue a career in the technology & startup industry
  2. Give them an introduction to and basic knowledge within relevant subjects
  3. Help them to build relevant and meaningful relationships that will increase the possibility that they reach their short- and long-term goals.
  4. Launching is learning

Jumpstart Academy program enables talents to incubate and launch new products and to nurture each person’s entrepreneurial and leadership skills. To achieve this, we integrate startup principles and practices and experience-based learning methodologies, in a highly stimulating and collaborative learning environment.

Course Description:

This comprehensive course gives you everything you need to develop a solid foundation in the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this fast-paced, project-based 16-week course, you will be introduced to all the skills necessary for web front-end development.

Meeting hours:

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 18:00 to 21:00 Location: Rotation between Changers Hub Alby and Changers Hub Sture, with visits to tech startups


You need to provide your own laptop for this class. highly recommends laptops running OSX 10.9 or Windows 10.

You should already have basic computer skills, familiar with the internet and how it works.

General schedule:

Details will be provided as the class proceeds.

  1. Month 1 – HTML/CSS/Design, web design fundamentals, wireframes and prototypes, simple sites, tools.
  2. Month 2 - Advanced HTML/CSS, responsive design, layouts, animations, web frameworks (Bootstrap)
  3. Month 3 – JavaScript/jQuery, fundamentals, DOM manipulation, creating interactivity with jQuery, Portfolios.
  4. Month 4 - Capstone project design and construction, collaboration, job hunting skills, pitching to clients

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