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33 Female tech leaders changing the game

Introducing 33 list of Female Tech Leaders

We are happy to announce this list of 33 strong and diverse group of Female Tech Leaders that are changing the face of Sweden's Tech scene. From Founders, Entrepreneurs, Employees and Investors that are smashing in the doors and breaking glass ceilings. This our way to acknowledge and uplift these inspirational leaders but also to show the diversity in our tech scene that is overshadowed yet by lack of female representation on events, board of directors and on news. Here is our first ever Honouree List of 2019 in no particular order:

  • Heaven Berekat / Chief Business Development Officer at Gebeya
  • Nema Abdihakim / CEO & Co-Founder at Conpetence
  • Elin Hammarberg / Co-Founder at Matching ID
  • Anna Urombi / CEO & Co-founder at Addtruly
  • Mai Thai / Co-Founder at Sigmastocks
  • Gisele Mwepu / Founder & CEO at Okapi Finance International
  • Susanne Fuglsang/ CEO at Innovation Pioneers
  • Louise Samet/ Partner at Blossom Capital
  • Susana Meza Graham/ Board member at Funcom/ Former COO at Paradox Interactive
  • Julia Reuszner / CEO at Pepins
  • Parisa Khosravi / Co-Founder at Infood
  • Maryam Arai/ Project Coordinator at Hack for Sweden
  • Andjela Kusmuk / Startup Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services
  • Binette Seck / Client Relationship Manager at Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
  • Nicole Tran / Founder at Matappen/ Refugee Tech
  • Sara Ali / Business Development at LogTrade Technology
  • Rosemary Reid / FrontEnd Web Developer at CapGemini
  • Zahra Abdulla / Founder at Allergy Router
  • Sarah Samarra'e / Stockholm Community Leader at Techstars
  • Charlotta Tönsgård / Co-Founder & CEO at Engaging Care
  • Vanja Tufvesson / Co-Founder at Pink Programming
  • Julia Stenberg / CEO & Co-Founder at FemmeTech
  • Marika Tedroff / Associate at Seedrs/ Former Investment Associate at Backing Minds
  • Constanza Rodriguez / Head of People & Culture at Gloot
  • Sonia Hussain / Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube
  • Leslie Alfredsson / Founder & CEO at MyEsteeme
  • Nina Akbari and Arbilina Nissan / Co-Founders at Dashl
  • Alice Kaboli / Co-Founder at BonApp
  • Estelle Joubert Westling and Thérèse Mannheimer / Co-Founders at Grace Health
  • Claudia Gård / Co-Founder at GoFriendly
  • Josefine Svegborn / Co-Founder at Knodd
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